Products and services

We offer a wide range of our own products and services. Mobile pumping stations are among our most important products, which are successfully used in rescue services, as well as submersible mixers and aerators and a wide range of protective filters, which have been a tradition in our country since 1942. Our products also include filters from commonly used particle FFP3 to highly specialised anti-gas filters. We also offer our production capacities during cooperation in production, where we are able to offer highly qualified staff with the top-notch equipment of our workshop.

Produkty - čerpací stanice

Pumping stations and aggregates

Mobile pumping stations, floating pumps and multi-purpose ecological pumping units for pumping water, filling tanks, extinguishing or emergency pumping of chemically aggressive and flammable liquids.

Mixers and aerators

Axial submersible mixers, submersible aerators and pumps for wastewater treatment plants, as well as for industrial processes, the food industry or dams and fish farms.

Protective filters and masks

Particle and anti-gas filters with high filtration efficiency to pick up dust and liquid particles, bacteria, viruses, industrial gases and aerosols, including mercury vapour detection.

products and services

Production cooperation

In our cooperation, we offer water jet cutting of material and welding of plastics or other materials by ultrasound.