Protective filter MOF – 6 | MOF – 6+ combined

Combined protective filter with a particle element used for protection against wide range of industrial gases and aerosols supplemented by the captue of mercury vapors. Suitable for industrial use.

Tactical and technical parameters

Combined protective filterA2B2E2K2HgP3 D R
Materialspecial plastic
Diameter and height110 x 81 mm
Weight360 g
Breathing resistancemax. 190 Pa – 30 l/min
max. 650 Pa – 95 l/min
Threaded connectionRD 40×1/7″
OZ 40×4 mm

Range of protection

Organic, inorganic, acid gases and vapors, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, cyclohexane, hydrogen sulphide, toluene, alcohol, phosgene, hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, chloropicrin, sarin, mustard gas, formaldehyde, bromine, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride, ammonia, organic amines, mercury vapor and their compounds, dust and liquid particles, aerosols, toxic fumes, biologically solids, liquid aerosols, radioactive aerosols, bacteria, viruses.

Typical use

Army, police, special rescue units and fire brigade units. Chemical, food and pharmaceutical plants, production of electronics and packing materials, foundries, paint shops, laboratories, hospitals and endangered populations.


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