CFD and FEM calculations – ANSYS

We offer the possibility of using our experience from the long-term use of numerical modeling tools in the field of flow and structural analysis (CFD and FEM). These tools enable the analysis and testing of new concepts before the actual production. Numerical modeling tools allow in case of problems with the operation of the device or its parts to analyze the possible cause of the problem and possibly adjust the design of the part in order to increase operational reliability or improve operating characteristics. We use a wide portfolio of ANSYS software licenses for this purpose.

Why FEM calculations?

FEMFinite Element Method is currently the only exact method that allows to determine the state and properties of the analyzed component, group or unit under the load conditions for which they were designed. Based on the obtained results, for example the state of deformation and stress (heat, acoustic pressure, etc.), it is possible to determine to what extent the mechanical properties of the material are used. If the calculation shows that the part is oversized or, conversely, does not meet the requirements, the calculation can be extended by optimization analysis. Based on the results of FEM calculations, it is then possible to subsequently perform a life evaluation or probabilistic analysis. We will tell you more about the possibilities of the software used in person, or you can visit the ANSYS home address

We will be happy to help you with the issue you need to solve and propose the optimal solution. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department. It is possible to arrange a meeting both with us and at your company.

In the field of numerical flow modeling we offer (CFD)

  • More than 18 years of experience using CFD software ANSYS CFX and ANSYS FLUENT,
  • flow modeling in the field of centrifugal pumps,
  • modeling of flow in inlet or outlet objects of pumping or turbine stations,
  • multiphase flow modeling,
  • flow modeling with cavitation consideration,
  • flow modeling in biological reactors or tanks in wastewater treatment plants.
Vizualizace výsledků z CFD
Visualization of CFD results

In the field of hydraulic research and development we offer

  • Hydraulic designs of flow parts of hydrodynamic pumps,
  • hydraulic designs of submersible axial mixers for wastewater treatment plants,
  • calculations of hydrodynamic forces acting on rotors and stators of pumps,
  • calculations of flow dynamics inside hydraulic machines using the CFD software system ANSYS CFX,
  • innovation of hydraulic solution of older types of hydrodynamic pumps,
  • solutions for hydraulic equipment using less common working principles.
Centrifugal pump impeller

In the field of structural analysis we offer (FEM)

  • FEM finite element calculations (ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise),
  • creating computational models for the finite element method for the customer,
  • optimization of components for maximum material utilization, eg for injected plastic parts in the automotive industry,
  • stress-strain calculations,
  • calculation and optimization of gears,
  • temperature field calcutations
  • stability and buckling calculations,
  • calculations of natural frequencies, harmonic responses and responses to different types of excitation,
  • calculation of rotor dynamics (dry and wet),
  • evaluation of static strength, cyclic strength, stability,
  • evaluation of residual life,
  • evaluation of seismic resistance,
  • evaluation of functional capability in a seismic event,
  • load calculations of machine fasteners, design and evaluation of anchorages to the building,
  • tightness evaluation of flange joints,
  • elaboration of documentation of selected equipment for nuclear energy,
  • analytical calculations according to standards (EN 13445, ASME, PNAE, A.S.I. …).
Pevnostní FEM analýza u čerpadla NQD
Strength FEM analysis for NQD pump
Pevnostní FEM analýza u čerpadla KNE 5.1
Strength FEM analysis for KNE pump 5.1