APM – Axial submersible mixers


Axial submersible mixers APM are designed for mixing, homogenisation, forming suspension and aeration of the media:

  • in sewage treatment plants
  • in industrial processes
  • in the chemical and food industries
  • in the paper industry and cellulose products
  • in agricultural and fish farms
  • dams or ponds
  • for mixing mineral sludge


Axial submersible mixers are designed with a direct propeller wheel drive without a gearbox. The speed of the mixer is determined by the number of poles of the electric motor. The anchorage part is designed to allow height adjustment to the desired position.

The hydraulic part of the axial submersible mixer consists of a propelled impeller and housing that directs the liquid flow and increases the mixing efficiency.

The mechanical part of the axial submersible mixer consists of a body and a stator of an electric motor, sealing and bearing bodies, a shaft with a pressed rotor of the electric motor and bearings, and a body and lid of a terminal block with a cable seal part.

The propelled impeller creates an axial current in the medium, which is amplified by the impeller’s housing. The impeller is three-bladed, with an optimally defined shape to minimize the capture of fibrous impurities.

The APM spinner drive is provided by a built-in induction electric motor with a short anchor, with 4-12 poles in insulation class F. The electric motor is cooled by intensive heat transfer from the electric motor stator to the surrounding flowing fluid.

The TITANEX cable type from the French company Cablerief-Lands de Lands is resistant to aggressive environments, sealed with a cable bearing. For larger types of mixers H07RN-F6G1, 5, for smaller types H07RN-F6G1.

The sealing system between the shaft and the mixer body is crucial in terms of the reliability and service life of the mixer. Depending on the properties of the mixed fluid, especially fibrous and particulate content, particularly sand, seals are used in different designs and materials – but there is always a double seal system.

The material design of APM is standard cast iron with stainless steel propeller and bandages; for smaller sizes there are also stainless-steel versions.

Installation, projection

Installation is very fast and simple – to a certain depth with lowering equipment through which the mixer can be directed horizontally and vertically.

The appropriate type of APM and its location in the tank should be consulted with the manufacturer of the mixer. An unsuitable type of mixer or its improper placement in the tank can cause restless running and vibrations, thus shortening the service life and ultimately resulted in the malfunction of the mixer.


Stainless steel lowering equipment can be supplied together with the APM mixer; it can be partially adjusted according to the designer’s needs.

Technical parameters of pumps:

  • the power, speed and diameter of the propeller is shown in the table,
  • pH 3 – 10 (respectively 1 – 13 for stainless steel design)
  • mixed media temperature – up to 40°C
  • submersion of the mixer:
    • max. 10 m,
    • min. 30 cm from the top of the impeller housing (there must be no surface vortices and air intake – this causes vibrations and restless running),
  • the mixing effect depends on the density, viscosity and volume of the mixed liquid, the shape of the tank and the location of the stirrer in the tank
  • overload protection:
    • a three-phase circuit breaker with engine characteristics depending on the actual load,
    • thermal overvoltage relay combined with a contactor and bimetal sensor built into the stator of the engine,
  • mixer direction range:
    • horizontally, depending on the location in the tank up to ± 180°,
    • vertically ±10°.
Typ – Model APMP [kW]n [1/min]d [mm]V [m3]
1412 – 0,900,9046442090-130
2312 – 2,002,00464520200-285
2312 – 3,003,00464520300-430
2312 – 4,004,00464520400-570
2312 – 5,005,00464520500-715
1008 – 0,340,3469022234-50
1008 – 0,34-N*0,3469022234-50
1208 – 0,500,569028050-70
1208 – 0,50- N*0,569028050-70
1308 – 0,700,769028070-100
1308 – 0,900,969028090-130
1308 – 1,101,1690280110-160
1408 – 0,600,669028060-85
1408 – 0,900,969028090-130
1408 – 1,101,1690350110-160
1408 – 1,401,4690350140-200
1408 – 1,801,8690420180-260
1408 – 5,505,5690590550-785
1408 – 8,808,8690590880-1260
1206 – 0,700,794028070-100
1206 – 0,70-N*0,794028070-100
1306 – 1,401,4940280140-200
1406 – 0,900,994028090-130
1406 – 1,401,4940280140-200
1406 – 1,801,8940350180-260
1406 – 3,003,0940350300-430
1406 – 2,102,11440280210-300
1406 – 3,303,31440280330-470
1406 – 4,904,91440300490-700
*celonerezové provedení

P – příkon míchadla, n – otáčky, d – Průměr bandáže, V – objem míchané kapaliny – pouze orientační hodnota závislá na tvaru a velikosti nádrže a na hustotě míchaného média.

Rádi Vám připravíme individuální cenovou nabídku, v případě zájmu neváhejte kontaktovat naše obchodní oddělení.