AM – Submersible aerator (blender)

AM ponorny aerator


Aerator AM – the mixer is designed for effective aeration with simultaneous water mixing, especially:

  • in the activation tanks of sewage treatment plants – the aerator mixer is a mechanical aeration system combining effective aeration with equally efficient mixing. Aeration with simultaneous mixing increases oxygen transfer to water, anaerobic processes are prevented and sludge does not at the bottom of the tank,
  • in fish farms – ponds, lakes, dams, swimming pools, spas, etc. The aerator oxygenates the water, creating a favourable environment for fish life.


The aerator consisting of a monoblock, a submersible electric motor and a hydraulic part, separated from the motor unit by an oil bath and, depending on the type of aerator, either by a mechanical seal and shaft seal or by a pair of mechanical seals. The hydraulic part sucks in air and water through the suction pipe to disperse the water – air into the surrounding environment – reservoir, pond, lake, dam, pool, etc. with the help of a circular wheel and a switchboard wreath.


Installation of the aerator is very fast and simple. Depending on the type and weight, the relevant aerator-mixer can be lowered and anchored to the bottom of the aerated tank using:

  • human power with a lowering rope or chain,
  • lowering equipment (with the possibility of choosing the depth of the aerator-mixer dive),
  • handling technology (crane).

Hlavní technické parametry

Typ – aerátorAM 00AM 01AM 02
P [kW]1,137,5
n [min-1]2 8001 4501 450
Provozní napětí, frekvence3 x 400 V, 50 Hz3 x 400 V, 50 Hz3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Jmenovitý proud [A]2,96,515,1
H [m]356
Materiálové provedení
– plášť pohonné jednotky
– hydraulická část
šedá litina + ochranný nátěr nerezová ocelšedá litina + ochranný nátěr nerezová ocelšedá litina + ochranný nátěr nerezová ocel
Systém utěsnění
– hydraulická část
– elektromotor
1x mechanická ucpávka + Gufero2x mechanická ucpávka2x mechanická ucpávka
Základní rozměry   
A [mm]450760925
B [mm]130190200
C [mm]150300105
D [mm]360500700
E [mm]210390505
G [mm]160195
DN [mm]325080
Hmotnost bez sacího potrubí [kg]3575125
AM aerátor schema

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