PKC-M –Submersible sludge pump


The PKC pump is designed for the pumping of return sludge or for internal recirculation of sludge in wastewater treatment plants. It can also be used to pump slightly polluted water into irrigation and drainage channels and wherever more water is required at low traffic altitude.

Specifications of the pumped liquid

  • polluted water, sludge
  • solid content: max. 15% of total weight
  • particle size: soft lumpy particles up to max. ø50 mm, fibrous particles
  • density: max. 1050 kg.m-3
  • temperature: max. 40°C
  • pH range: 6 – 11


The pump is submersible, centrifugal, vertical with one axial impeller. It is designed as a monoblock, consisting of a submersible asynchronous electric motor, cooled by pumped liquid, and a hydraulic part, separated from the engine by an oil bath and a pair of mechanical seals. The oil filling is used to lubricate and cool the mechanical seal and prevent direct contact of the pumped liquid with the electric motor. There is a capacitive sensor in the oil bath that signals the penetration of water into the motor part of the pump.

The PKC-M submersible pump comes with a vertical submersible shaft (tube) made of stainless steel with one or two suction holes according to customer requirements and a funnel. The tube is equipped with brackets for anchoring.

The above components include lowering equipment with a hand winch made of common structural hot-dip galvanized steel, and it is equipped with a stainless-steel rope with a diameter of 5 mm and a length of 8 m with a rope clamp. The load capacity of the lowering equipment is 165 kg.

Material design

Body – grey cast iron
Shaft – carbon steel
Impeller – stainless steel
Tube – stainless steel
Funnel – stainless steel
Lowering device – structural steel

Hlavní technické parametry

TypPKC-M 2015PKC-M 2022PKC-M 2021PKC-M 2530PKC-M 2730
Průtok čerpadla Q [l/s]10-6635-8973-10466-150112-204
Dopravní výška čerpadla H [m]1,15-0,21,13-0,21,15-0,221,37-0,341,1-0,2
Příkon čerpadla P [kW]1,52,22,233
Otáčky čerpadla n [1/min]9401440144014401440
Hmotnost čerpadla m [kg]8585859595
Průměr vrtule d [mm]200200200255275
Vnitřní průměr vtok. kusu D [mm]204204204259279
Maximální délka čerpadla l [mm]711690711711711
Maximální šířka čerpadla a [mm]397397397397397
Otáčky motoru nm [1/min]9401440144014401440
Jmenovitý proud I [A]3,755,55,57,57,5
Jmenovité napětí U [V]3×4003×4003×4003×4003×400
Jmenovitý kmitočet f [Hz]5050505050
Příkon motoru Pm [kW]1,52,22,233
Maximální dovolený proud Imax [A]10,5

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