UECA-10-H – Universal ecological pumping set



Universal ecological pumping unit UECA-10-H is designed for emergency pumping of chemically aggressive and flammable liquids of 1st to 4th hazard classes with sensitivity class 2, even in environments with the risk of explosion of flammable gases and vapours or mists (zones l and 2).
The aggregate used for these purposes is certified by a notified body of the FTZÚ Radvanice.


The pumping unit UECA-10-H consists of a monoblock consisting of a pump and turbine part, connected by a bearing body with a lantern. Turbine drive part of the unit – the hydro motor is propelled by pressurised water from the arbitrary tank car syringe or another source of pressurised water.

A special additional device to the UECA unit can be supplied for congestion or evacuation of the suction supply system in four modifications:

  • ZZ – flooding equipment,
  • EP – evacuation manual pump,
  • EV – evacuation pump and suction equipment for pumping from tanks,
  • SJ – suction needle.

Hlavní technické parametry

Průtok [l . s-1]Dopravní výška [m]Geodetická sací výška [m]Teplota čerpané kapaliny [°C]Hustota čerpané kapaliny [kg . m-3]Rozměry agregátu s nosítky [mm]Hmotnost agregátu [kg]
4 – 1942 – 103-5 až +60600 – 16001000 x 430 x 61058
Připojovací hrdlaTurbínyČerpadla
VstupníG2 1/2″ nebo spojka BG2 1/2″ nebo spojka B
VýstupníG2 1/2″ nebo spojka BG2 1/2″ nebo spojka C

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