Hydraulic testing room

Experimental research – measurements on test rooms and stands

The test base also includes a development hydraulic testing room, which is used primarily to test models of newly developed and modernized types of SIGMA pumps.

It offers a closed test circuit with a pressure tank equipped with a compressor and a pump for setting the suction pressure of the pump (-9m; + 25m).

The test room enables power and cavitation tests, measurement of dynamic quantities, orientation measurement of axial force or observation of flow in the interior of the pump.

  • Measurement of hydraulic parameters of model pumps, test pumps and prototypes – power and cavitation tests,
  • verification tests of submersible axial mixers and recirculation pumps.

Hydraulic test room – parameters of universal closed test circuit

Maximum pressure in circuit p:16(bar)
Maximum flow Q:700(l/s)
Maximum power input of the measured pump P:400(kW)
Maximum speed of the measured pump n:2980(1/min)

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