Cooperation in production

Within cooperation in production we offer water jet cutting of material and ultrasound welding of plastics or other materials.
Our company SIGMA Výzkumný a vývojový ústav s.r.o., based in Lutín, offers free production capacities for cooperation in the production of machine parts or entire assemblies. We offer many years of experience with our own production and external orders

We offer free cooperation in production capacities to:

Cooperation in porduction on a CNC center

CNC Machining and metalworking

We provide one-piece and medium series machining and forming of metals, non-ferrous metals, aluminium and plastic – all according to the drawing documentation of the contracting authority. We have top equipment and many years of craftsmanship experience.

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Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting allows cold cutting without shaking and thermal influence of the cut material and production of complex shapes by a single operation including holes, all at a low cost for one-piece orders and with short delivery times.

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Ultrasonic welding

Svařování plastů a jiných materiálů Welding of plastics and other materials is highly productive and cost efficient, the connection time is short, and it results in a clean and firm connection of welded parts.