Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding of plastics uses high-frequency mechanical vibrations while simultaneously applying pressure, which guarantees the transfer of oscillations from the sonotrode to the connected materials. The vibration also reduces heating in the area and the formation of plastic deformations. Ultrasonic welding is an ideal technology especially for connecting thermoplastic plastics.

Svářečka Herrmann HiQ Dialog pro svařování plastů:

ultrasonic welding
Výstupní výkon4 800 W
Frekvence20 000 Hz
Max. výška zdvihu150 mm
Max. přítlačná síla2 490 N

For each weld, the machine displays and stores a large amount of data, e.g., weld date and time, joining speed, endpoint position, frequency, energy, time and welding path, launch point, maximum power, etc. A continuous welding cycle graph is also available.

Every request must be personally consulted. Technical issues such as the feasibility of welding, welding preparation, welding sonotrode, etc., must be discussed.

V případě zájmu o službu prosím neváhejte kontaktovat naše obchodní oddělení.