Ochranné filtry
SIGMA Research & Development Institute, Czech Republic

We are leading specialized research, development and production institute in the Czech Republic.
We continue the 150-year-long tradition of top-notch pump development in Lutín, the cradle of pumping.

Mobilní čerpací stanice
Mobile pumping stations

The mobile pumping station is intended as an intervention technical means for pumping a larger amount of water 300-1000 l/s. It involves pumping water from flooded areas, eliminating the consequences of environmental accidents etc.

Axiální ponorná míchadla
Axial submersible mixers

APM axial submersible mixers are designed for mixing, homogenization, suspension formation and aeration of media in wastewater treatment plants, in industrial processes, in the food industry, on dams and others.

Ochranné filtry
Protective filters

Particle and anti-gas filters with high filtration efficiency for capturing of dust and liquid particles, bacteria, viruses, industrial gases and aerosols, including mercury vapors.

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Sigma Research & Development Institute, Czech Republic

We provide a wide range of pumps, mixers, pumping solutions and services for all applications.

CFD and FEM calculations

Numerical flow modeling and structural analysis.


Machining, metal production, water jet, ultrasonic welding.

Protective filters

Products for effective protection of life and health.


Rescue and water management.