Half-mask PM-1

Half mask PM-1 is designed primarily for effective respiratory protetion agains toxic gases, vapors, dust particles, smoke and aerosols – depending on the type of filter used. With the P3 R filter, it also protects against viruses and bacteria. Possibility of use with particle filter or with OF-90 NBC filter. It is intended for use only in an atmosphere containing at least 17% oxygen, ie under normal conditions, in the Earth’s atmosphere the oxygen content is about 20%. Different types of filters can be screwed onto the mask using a standardized connector (EN 148) depending on the contaminant concentation and the ambient conditions. It can be easily adjusted on the face using elastic bands, the mask is supplied in one univerzal size. The mask itself is made of bromobutyl rubber, all materials used are not harmful to health or orritate the skin. The advantage of the mask is also easy maintenance and simple disinfection. The PM-1 half mask excels in an excellent performance / price ratio.

Tactical and technical parameters – Half-mask PM-1

Connecting threadRd 40×1/7″ pursuant to ČSN EN 148-1
Weight160 g
Inhalation resistancemax. 35 Pa – 30 l/min
Exhalation resistancemax. 250 Pa – 160 l/min

Typical use

Police, special rescue units, fire brigade units. Chemical, food and pharmaceutical plants, foundries, paint shops, laboratories, hospitals and endangered populations.


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